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As the Founder and Life President of Children in Crisis, I have long nurtured a desire to bring together a group of women who share my compassion for forgotten and vulnerable children: a group of women who want to take a more active and involved voluntary role in the work of my charity. This is why I championed the founding of the Women’s Board, steered by its excellent Chair, Friederike Krum, one of Germany’s most versatile mezzo-sopranos, and dedicated Children in Crisis supporter.


 As the 'Voice of Children in Crisis’, Friederike has long shown a strong commitment to Children in Crisis and the children that we help.  By donating her quite beautiful singing performances, ranging from opera to jazz, she has helped ensure the success of several gala fundraising events over the years. I am delighted that Friederike is now also directing her boundless energy and creativity towards leading the Women’s Board.  I have no doubt that with her at the helm, this group of passionate and successful women will achieve so much for our cause.  



Sarah, Duchess of York


Charity Work

As a mother of two children who grow up with the privilege of receiving a fantastic education it is my deep desire to make education available to those 'forgotten children'.

The 'forgotten children' are those who no other organisation is reaching out to because they live in the most remote and conflict affected areas of this world or are girls. No child should be prevented from getting an education due their gender.

CHILDREN IN CRISIS is the only organisation reaching out to these children. They are a small charity based in London but they leave no stone unturned and walk the extra mile to reach these children who need us the most. ONLY EDUCATION can in the long run help overcome poverty. As Children in Crisis fully work with local communities whenever possible, so they not only help the children but the entire communities and leave a lasting legacy.

As chair of the women's board of CIC it is my privilege to reach out to the public as well as my friends to help CIC make their incredible work continue and thrive.

They have over 20 years of experience and all their efforts are focused on the work abroad. Hence their headquarter in London is modest and the small team here is made of the most generous and wonderful people I have ever met. 

Yes, there are many worthy causes to be supported but CHILDREN IN CRISIS is truly unique as is what they do in Sierra Leone, DR Congo, Afghanistan, Burundi and Liberia.

Please take the time to look them up and contact me if you have questions or want to get involved. 

Not everyone has to contribute money. there are many ways one can help either via networking, making helpful introductions, hosting an event however small or big, giving your time and ideas.....every little helps!

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