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 Ambassador of the Royal Hospital Chelsea

Scarlets Appeal

I am proud to announce that I have been appointed Ambassador of the  "Royal Hospital Chelsea SCARLETS Appeal"

Our well loved Chelsea Pensioners are known the world over for their services to this country and their famous SCARLET coats which have been worn with pride for over 300 years! 

The Royal Hospital Chelsea is now fundraising for new SCARLETS as the present one is made of very heavy and thick material making it a real challenge and risk to the Pensioner's wellbeing during the warmer Summer months. The Chelsea Pensioners, many of whom are aged between 80-104, are invited to represent the Hospital and Veteran Army community at many ceremonial events both here in the UK and abroad. They go into schools to make history come alive, help at soup kitchens, visit prisons and do many more things for the Londoners and their communities. 
To enable them to continue with all these events the Royal Hospital now needs a new lightweight SCARLET made from breathable material and for this we are now fundraising.

The UK has always been a proud supporter of their forces and our veterans particularly deserve to be looked after as their service during WW2 and later missions enabled our future! We owe them and the Chelsea Pensioners are not actually retired. They keep on giving and serving their communities and the amount of tourists that come to see them are bringing money into the UK plus all the regimental services they still fulfil and take part in is incredible given their high age. 

Please donate via the Fundraising page of the Royal Hospital Chelsea. For high end donations and participation in our VIP night at the Royal Albert hall and after party please visit



Take part of making the new HISTORICAL SACRALET. Please donate via their website 

Friederike Krum